Browndorff Rabbitry is a small-scale family project founded by Keren & Aaron Brown and 4 kids Elijah, Moses, Kathryn, & Fiona, in 2005.

Keren's love for spinning, fiber, farming, and sustainable arts led her to the fiber-producing German Angora. 

Now in it's 8th year, Browndorff strives to produce high quality angoras that better the German Breed in the US, while providing uncommon, highly saturated natural colored fibers. 

Keren Brown teaches spinning and German Angora raising & wool use quarterly at the local art store in Nampa, Puffy Mondaes Sustainable Arts. For a complete list of classes, visit

For more information on the German Breed and it's incredible qualities, and an official list of association breeders in your area, please visit the IAGARB website.    You will also find articles on German Angora Care that are specific to the breed, and info on how to join the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders.