• Image of Browndorff's "Cinnamon," 81% German Fawn Buck, born 3.11.15

"Cinnamon, named by Kathryn Brown, carries his mothers beautiful red coat and fawn color, including the red base fiber and guard hair. He'll be a carrier of colored genetics for warm fiber, and the uncommon rufus gene.

His sire, Browndorff's Turtle Back, is a BIG friendly tortoise-shell colored buck, and dam, Falila, is a deep colored fawn. Color genetics from this group often skip generations, so REW rabbits can throw colored litters when paired with a rabbit with color in the back ground.

All our German angoras for sale, even under 100%, have matt-free coats that do not require daily brushing when sheared every 90 days.

All Browndorff Rabbits are handled daily from a few days after birth. Germans make great pets and are also the top wool producing breed of angora - growing an average of 4-5 lbs of luxury fiber per rabbit every year!

Born: 3/11/15
Sire: Browndorff's Turtle Back, 87% German, Tort.
Dam: Browndorff Rabbitry's "Falila", 75% German Agouti.

For info on raising German Angoras, visit the IAGARB.com site and read articles written by US German Angora co-op raisers. Articles on other angora breeds do not necessarily contain accurate info on Germans. German Angoras must be sheared every 90 days, and produce up to 1 lb of fiber per shearing.

I host classes on the art of German Angora Rabbit raising and wool use quarterly at Puffy Mondaes Sustainable Arts in Nampa, Idaho, and can help with any questions you may have. For a list of current classes, visit http://www.puffymondaes.com.

**At any given time we may have more stock for sale than is listed on our site. Contact us with your rabbitry needs and we will do our best to help. On RARE occasions, transportation of German Angoras may be arranged, but it is safe to plan on picking your rabbit up in person in the Boise, Idaho area.

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